Happy New Year 2017!!!

Welcome All to the year 2017!!!

I promise I’ll take better care of the Serein Invites blog this year. Like seriously, I mean it this time.


2016 was definitely a year of growing pains…

Both personally and professionally, I learned a lot about myself and my businesses and how I can serve YOU (my wonderful customers) better.

  • I’ve expanded my services (die cut invitations, pocket folds, and special shapes are TOTALLY AVAILABLE!!!)
  • I’ll be expanding the shop this year… every month you’ll find new items in the shop (boxed cards, individual cards, notepads, Stationery, ready made templates, birthday invitations & cards etc.)
  • I’ll be blogging AT LEAST once a week, whether it’s wedding planning advice, stuff I’ve noticed, trends in invitations, new Styles that i think you’ll love OR Upcoming Events (the NELA Bridal Show is Coming this Spring!!!)
  • You will see ME at a few Bridal shows this year (with all the sparkles & letterpress 😉 )

With that, I look forward to speaking to you all A LOT more often and I look forward to being apart of A LOT more weddings in 2017!

When should I send out my invitations?- & other questions about etiquette

Good Evening! Yes, I Know, i mean… how often do I post in the evening, let alone in the middle of the week. Well,  I wanted to touch on a few questions that I get often when meeting my couples. The answers are actually really simple and as long as you give yourself plenty of time, you’ll be able to avoid the stress that some deal with when planing a major event such as their wedding.

“When should the invitations be sent out?”

The actual invitations (invitations, RSVP, additional information) should be sent out to your guests about 6 to 12 weeks before the actual event. This way you give your guests plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements so that they can be at your event.

“What deadline should I set for the RSVP’s?”

For your RVSP’s I always suggest that the response date is set for no later than 3 weeks before the wedding. The reason being because there’s always someone who will forget to respond, or who thought they did but really didn’t. By setting your RSVP date this far in advance, you have the opportunity to call the guests who have not responded & see if they’re coming and you have time to inform your vendors about your head count.

“Where do I tell people that we have a wedding website?”

To inform your guests about your website, you have 2 places that are generally acceptable; on your Save the Date and as an insert with your invitations that is called the “Website Card”. Now, with this I will say that you do NOT put your wedding registry information in your invitation or on your Save the Date. Your wedding registry information is supposed to go on the bridal shower invitation OR on your wedding website.

If you have any other questions that you need answers to or have some things that’s you’re not sure about, Call me! 240-812-9568


Should we have a Wedding Website?

Ah Yes; one of the questions I get asked the most is “Should we have a wedding website?” & then the followup question is, “If I have a website, why do I need invitations?”

Welp, Ladies & Gentlemen… Here’s your Answer…

1st answer: The necessity of having a wedding website is really dependent on the type of guests that you plan to invite, the number of guests you plan to invite, the best way to get your guests attention, and where you think you’ll get the most RSVP’s back. Trust me… the last one means the most because it helps you to account for how much food, favors, & event space to purchase… BUT ANYWAY; If Most of your guests are Millenials **at this time in our lives, a lot of us are getting married** it may help because our attention span is short & it’ll be easier for people to RSVP if they don’t have to remember to put something in the mail. If you have a lot of information that you need to share with your guests, such as if you’re having a destination wedding, it WILL HELP to have a wedding website so that your guests can plan accordingly. It will also make it easier on you as a couple to pass along announcements pertaining to the wedding instead of having to call individual guests & possibly missing someone.

2nd Answer: From the standpoint of a stationer & someone who believes that if it’s important, I need something in my hand… YES you still need invitations! Why? because you have some family members who still value and cherish a tangible, in-your-hand, invitation to one of the most special events in your life. That and the fact that everyone does not use the internet & will not be looking at your website card enclosed in the suite of your invitations, they will actually fill out the RSVP and send it back promptly. (no, you do not put your website on the actual invitation itself) Also, you want physical invitations so that you can spell out who exactly you’re inviting to your wedding.  It’s kind of hard to “eloquently” tell your guests “Adults Only Reception” when you sent an email… (I’m just saying).

Resolution: Where a wedding website will help with a lot of the nuances of inviting guests and keeping them informed of changes that may occur, it’s still formal, traditional, and nice to have an actual invitation to not only send out but also to keep in your memory book. If you’re concerned about your wedding website matching your stationery, ask your stationer if they can design a site for you or if they know someone who can so that everything coordinates all the way up to your ceremony. (BTW I design wedding websites too.)

If you’re looking for custom designed and handmade Wedding invitations, and Day of Stationery, Give me a call at 240-812-9568! I look forward to talking with you about your ideas and making them a reality!


Your Invitation Design Should Fit You as a Couple

Today’s post is focused more on the design of the invitations/paper goods and how it should reflect you two as a couple. A lot of couples go the traditional route and the bride makes all the decisions and that works for many people. There are MANY couples however, that this particular way of doing things is not going to fly. I know that when I’m having a consultation, I try to encourage my couples to voice what they like and don’t like together so that the design I create for them is a reflection of both people, not just one. You have to remember, your invitation is a way to let your guests know what type of wedding/event that they’re being invited to, and in a way, it’s your voice on paper.

IMG_0928 This Couple wanted a “Great Gatsby” feel.

letterpress Wedding Invitations

This Couple wanted an “Old Hollywood” feel with a touch of “bling”

IMG_0155 This couple wanted traditional elegance

Perfect wedding suite for country chic and rustic weddings

This couple’s theme was rustic and warm.

Letterpress Invitations This particular bride loved stars Blue and silver Wedding invitationsthis couple happened to pick one of the pre-made designs that were already available.

The paper you choose, the fonts that are used, the design elements, shape, and embellishments are all a sneak peek of what is coming on the date of the event and the wording is your voice. for those who are more traditional, an uncoated cotton paper with letterpressed text, formal wording and a lot of script writing or calligraphy may be your thing, but for those who are a bit more laid back, you may want more of a flat print invitation on kraft paper with printed text, and twine to complete the look. Regardless of which style fits you, it’s best to talk about your ideas with your partner and THEN communicate your ideas to your stationer. My number one goal is to make sure that you and your partner are represented in all of your paper goods, from the Save the date, to the Thank You card, to everything in between.

Give me a call today so we can talk about your next event! 240-812-9568



Happy New Year! Welcoming 2016 with 25% off!!!

Hello Everybody! and Happy New Year!!!! With 2016 here, a lot is about to happen with Serein Invites and I’m SO excited. Last year was an experience for both my life personally (our family grew) as well as professionally with Serein Invites. To Kick off the new Year, I’m offering a special for all of my brides and special events that place an order by March 1, 2016 and has 100 or more Invitation Suites. I’m offering 25% off your order. Now in order for this to work, Your order has to be placed by March 1, 2016 and a final payment must be made no later than March 15, 2016.

The average turn around for letterpress orders is 4 to 6 weeks

The average turn around for flat printed orders is 2 to 3 weeks

The average turn around for Foil Stamped orders is 4 to 6 weeks

All orders are custom made and design specifically to fit the couple or the event based on the consultation however, I DO have some pre-made designs that can be found in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/SereinInvites. I look forward to helping you celebrate one of the most important days of your life and I can’t wait to create something amazing for you!

Learning to Be Still

Good Morning Everybody! I’ve missed you all so much & all the blog topic ideas I have are still sitting here, awaiting their chance to be explored. This particular post isn’t about weddings or special events directly but it does play a major role in decision making for major aspects of your life.

One thing I’ve noticed personally is that at the point that you’re about to make a breakthrough in your life, be it your wedding day, new job, new life choice, new baby, stepping out on faith in your entrepreneurship; you’ll notice that everything that normally wouldn’t become a problem, has become a problem. Things in your life that you could normally handle with ease become extremely difficult & finding focus is almost impossible. The beauty in this is that Spring Weddingwhen you get through this confusing, troubling, and difficult time, things will become so much easier because you’ve already put in the work. It may be hard to see the silver lining around the clouds that seem to cover you and the light at the end of the tunnel may be getting dimmer and dimmer. Just remember to stop, think, pray, and ask for guidance. As crazy as it may seem, an immediate decision is not needed, just a wise one and a wise decision is never made alone, it’s always made with great council.

As we enter the Holiday Season, I just want you all to remember that the best thing you can do when everything seems chaotic, unsure, and aggravating is to be still, pray, and listen. That will be your moment of vision, even when there is no light.

How Should I Tell My Guests Where We’re Registered?

Good Afternoon! This week’s post is about how you can tell your guests that you and your fiancée are registered. I get this question a lot in the form of “Can we put our wedding registry at the bottom of the invitation?” or “Can we make sure to add that we’re registered at Dillard’s?” and the answer to both of those questions is Absolutely Not. So, now the question is… Well, How DO I tell my guests where we’re registered? & the answer is a little different from it used to be; say… about 25-30 years ago.

letterpress Wedding Invitations

Fiona and Xavier

First Answer: It is tradition, that your aunts & bridesmaids & mom/soon to be mom-in-law would pass the word around as the time got closer to your bridal shower. That way the message was discrete, nobody got offended, & it didn’t look like you as a couple were *expecting* gifts from your wedding guests. Back then, people were a bit more easily offended & honestly, you still have a lot of folks today who “feel some type of way” if you were to say “Hey! You’re invited to my wedding! Oh, & by the way, if you want to get us a gift, this is where you should buy it.”

Second Answer: In an age of information technology, the internet, computers, online shopping, and those of us who are either modern or last-minute folks, you have a few options. You can:

  1. pass the information around traditionally through your people at the bridal shower.
  2. Post the information on your wedding website & have a website card enclosed in your invitation suite
  3. (for the last-minute folks) insert a registry card into your invitation suite.

Pooh Themed Baby ShowerNow I WILL say this, as a professional, I will ALWAYS advise that my couples take the more traditional route or  post the information into their wedding website. That way, it doesn’t seem like you’re only inviting guests because you’re expecting something, but because you want them to share in one of the most important moments of your life.  Please remember though, you know your guests better than I would.


To schedule a consultation for your own wedding. Call me at 240-812-9568. I am Local for the North East Louisiana Area and I provide, video conferencing consultations for all couples outside of my immediate area.



Is your wedding reception adults only? This is how you tell your guests.

Hello Everybody! The topic of this post is a question that I tend to get a lot when having the first consultation with my couples. After we discuss all the details of how the invitations and additional stationery will be designed, printed, and embellished, there’s a question that normally pops up: “How do I tell my guests that children are not invited to the reception?” & honestly, it depends on your personality as a couple as to how to execute this daunting task. Really, it’s simple and it doesn’t cause as much drama as you think, but here are some easy ways to get through this.

1. List the names of the guests who are invited on the inner envelope.

Traditionally there’s an outer envelope and then there’s the inner envelope. The outer envelope’s purpose is to have the address and protect the inner envelope and the invitation with all it’s parts inside. You’d put “To: The Green Family” on the outer envelope, but on the inner envelope, you’d put “To: Mr. and Mrs Josh Green” so that the guests know that the invitation is only for Mr & Mrs. Green.

2. Place the names of who you invite to the reception on the RSVP card.

In most cases, the RSVP card has an “M” line (M stands for the first letter of your title: Mr. Mrs. Miss. Ms). Put the names of those who are invited to the reception on the M Line & say that there are “x” seats reserved in their name. This way you’re letting your guests know that you only have room for them and “x” amount of people at the reception.

3. Add an Insert.

There are some things that just don’t belong on the wedding invitation and some things that don’t belong on the RSVP card either. You may need to add an insert (about the size of a business card) to your invitations suite with additional information. The text may read something like “We’re delighted to have you share in our special day and we would love for everyone to be there. Our venue is only alotted for a certain number of guests and the reception is for our adult guests only.” This way, without putting anyone on blast you’re letting your guests know in the beginning that the little ones are not on the guest list.

Yes, it’s hard to have a wedding without children, mainly because most of your guests have children, BUT if you give your guests enough time to plan for a babysitter or to make arrangements you shouldn’t run into the issue of unhappy invitation recipients (This is part of the reason why it’s customary to send out the wedding invitations 2-3 months before the big day). There’s always going to be that one guest who’s going to call & ask why their baby can’t come to the wedding & at that point it’s up to you but at least you’ve covered all your bases first.

Happy Planning!


Congratulations Newly Engaged Brides!`

Attention All Spring and Summer 2015 Brides

just a reminder that if your wedding is between April-August of this year, Now is the time to order your wedding invitations. Sending them out 2-3 months before your wedding gives your guests time to make arrangements to be there. Make your wedding memorable with Serein Invites. 240-812-9568.

6 Questions Every Bride Should Ask their Stationer

Here’s the Scenario:

You’re so excited to be planning your wedding!! You’ve gone to pinterest and found the perfect EVERYTHING that you want for your wedding! You’ve found the flowers, the dress that you hope to find, the place settings, chairs & even the decor!! You’ve booked your venue & you’re settled on a date, so now you need invitations.  You found a website that does invitations but you don’t just want any old invitations, you want some unique to you. You’ve booked an appointment for a design consultation & because this is your first wedding, you’re not too sure what questions you should be asking…

Here’s the Answer:

When you meet your stationer, she or he will have somewhat of a display set up for you so that you can see what they’ve done, what they can do, and if you had a pretty decent conversation on the phone, they’ll have something for you to see that’s similar or relevant in style that will match what you had in mind for you wedding. Most stationers will have already asked you some questions about your event when you booked your appointment so they have an idea of your taste, the design of the event, and the time frame that they have to work with. SO….

The first questions you should be asking are:

What are your quantities? Some stationers have set prices based on the quantities that you order, usually in bundles of 25. for example: each set of 25 invitations is $150 so if you have 200 guests, you may be looking at a minimum cost of $1200 (something to think about)

What types of papers do you use? Most stationers use all types of different papers for their clients, depending on the style, colors, and the event itself that they’re designing for. Now if you ask this question, the response will most likely be, “What have you seen that you like?” or “What do you have in mind?” in which case you can now describe what ideas you have in your head so that your stationer can guide you to the perfect paper.

Can you show me different printing styles? This is a question that I Highly suggest you ask, ESPECIALLY if this is a custom design consultation. Why? because No print style is the same and the way that the print feels can make a world of difference on the effect of your over all design. *Personally Letterpress is my favorite* If you’re not familiar with the different types of Print, Click here to read up on them and ask to see an example. it may change your mind from what you originally thought.

What is the approximate turn around for this? To be honest, Rush orders are a nightmare for everybody involved when it comes to planning a wedding or any other special event. Make sure to ask what the turn around time is and make sure to check to see if it fits within your plans. Some design details take a while to create and if you’re the type of person who only checks their e-mail once a day, or you take a while to make final decisions, be sure to factor that into the turn around time. All of these factors determine when you’ll get your invitations back

Do you provide the text? Quite a few stationers don’t create the text for your invitations, so a good idea would be to have some samples of how you would like the invitation to read.

Can you work with my budget? I know this is a tempting question to ask first, but before you ask this question your stationer needs to know what the design ideas are, what materials will be involved, how many invitations you’ll need, and how much time it’ll take to make them. I know from experience that with handmade invitations, the time frame is a little longer and if your stationer is one who will have to order materials, shipping and taxes are calculated in your quote. So be honest about your budget and be honest about what you want and your stationer can accommodate you.

That’s it!

For the most part, these 6 questions will give you the information you’ll need to determine if the stationer you’re talking to is the one that give you what you WANT and what you NEED for your wedding. Designing your invitations, menus, and programs is a partnership and a team effort between you and your stationer.

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Your Name (required)

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Date of your Event

Please tell me how I can reach you (phone number) and how can I help?


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A Purple Wedding in September

Now that the event has passed, I can share the Invitations! Not only was this bride my first wedding stationery customer, but she is also a wonder Sorority sister of mine. We’re both members of Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority Incorporated. But anyway… Her wedding colors were a deep purple and silver with a touch of pink. Hope you Love the Invitations! Yes, I made them by hand. The RSVP envelope was printed with silver ink on a letterpress.

A Day Off means a Day On

Honestly, this is one of my most favorite Designs, Typography, Calligraphy, and The PAPER!

Honestly, this is one of my most favorite Designs, Typography, Calligraphy, and The PAPER!

One of the perks of being a government employee (during the day I serve the wonderful people of Louisiana) is that I get to have paid days off every once in a while; example: Today! It’s November 4th, Election Day (GO VOTE!) and I have a complete day off to do Whatever I want…or rather whatever I NEED. Hubs will be at work, Baby will be at daycare & that I means I’ll have uninterrupted time to DESIGN!!! YAY!!! *Cue the music & let the happy dance begin*

So, I had a consultation with a bride recently and in speaking with her and talking about her beautiful wedding, I learned that I have a lot of great work and ideas, but nothing to really show. Yes, I had my laptop and she saw the digital versions of it all, but I only had a couple of samples that she could actually see and feel. This made me think (as I’m currently designing her own bit of beautiful) I NEED AN ALBUM! Like seriously. I was originally going to build up a portfolio as i met new brides, but I’ve come to realize that in our world today, EVERYTHING is on the computer, so what good is a JPEG if you can’t actually touch it.

With that, I’ve decided that not only am I going to have The Penstroke Collection (letterpress Invitations) ready to order by Spring 2015, but I’ll also have the Kairos Collection (Pocket invitations), and the Meraki Collection (Holidays and Special events) ready to go!. The Album should be ready by June 2015, but the Actual collections will be available for order starting in February 2015!

I am SO Excited to be bringing these wonderful designs to you all and I can’t wait to have the Photographs and samples ready for you to touch!